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Choose the region that is closest to users


From an energy-efficiency perspective, it's better to shorten the distance a network packet travels so that less energy is required to transmit it. Similarly, from an embodied-carbon perspective, when a network packet traverses through less computing equipment, we are more efficient with hardware.


Choose a region that is the closest to the majority of where the network packets are going.

SCI Impact

SCI = (E * I) + M per R Software Carbon Intensity Spec

Reducing the distance will impact SCI as follows:

  • E: By reducing the distance a packet travels, less total electricity is required.
  • M: By reducing the total number of computing equipment traversed, the total embodied carbon is lower.


Suppose we choose a region that is further away from our users to deploy our applications because the region is more popular and may be first in line to receive new features or updates. A better solution would be to consider choosing a region closer to our users, so the data we transmit doesn't need to travel as far.


  • It may reduce cloud bills because shortening the path that a network packet travel will cost less.
  • If the closer region to your users is missing some features, there may be an overhead to finding a workaround in the meantime.