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Green Software Patterns


An online open-source database of software patterns reviewed and curated by the Green Software Foundation across a wide range of categories. You can be confident that applying any of our published and live patterns will reduce your software emissions.

Any software practitioner can find the patterns related to their field, technology, or domain. Anyone can submit a pattern that triggers a detailed review process by the Foundation.

Getting Started

  • Learn what constitutes a pattern and how to contribute a new one or edit an existing one.
  • View the catalog of patterns.

Principles, Patterns, and Practices

The principles of green software outline a core set of competencies needed to define, run and build green software.

A green software pattern is a specific example of how to apply one or more principles in a real-world example. Whereas principles describe the theory that underpins green software, patterns are the practical advice software practitioners can use in their software applications today. Patterns are vendor-neutral.

A green software practice is a pattern applied to a specific vendor's product and informs practitioners about how to use that product in a more sustainable way.

Practices should refer to patterns that should refer to principles.

Green Software Principles, Patterns, and Practices

Core Team

Anita HolczmannProject Manager@GSF
Bill JohnsonProject Lead@Microsoft
Sarah HsuProject Principle @Goldman Sachs


Advisors are associated with the project and may perform tasks related to the project.

Asim HussainProject Advisor@GSF